Der Kuss , Gustav Klimt

By everything that is important to me, I have to reject the universal idea that The Kiss exposes what is actually the romantic love. I can’t see that “Love” anywhere in this oil on canvas.

It’s true that I don’t deny all the beauty and gold my eyes, as yours, can absorb each time we’re in front of The Kiss, but behind all this golden sparks my senses are telling to me that there is also rotten dirt. Look at the man’s hands and how he put on her face like a trap. Now, look at her closed eyes, the neck’s angle, all her body language is telling us that she reject the man’s “embrace” , and she is doing it kneeling, close enough to fall down thought the cliff, look her feet. Now fix your attention in her hands, she is rejecting him with tiny attemps of her semiclosed hands, her right hand fingers all tensed on his shoulders, no willing to touch him.

There’s violence, silenced violence. It doesn’t matter if that woman either scream neither fight, but it’s clear that abuse and damage will happen in any moment, in fact is happening.

So, people there’s no Love in one of “the most romantic painting” from 20th century. I wonder: How many people have The Kiss on their walls? Stamped on their t-shirts? and How many people still think “how beautiful is” and “how lovely they look together”?…

How people would still pointing out The Kiss as their favourite painting if they would have taken a moment to analyze the body language and all the similar details that this scene and Apollo and Daphne myth?